Terms and Conditions


All services and goods are provided by Drone 360 LLC  strictly on the basis of these Terms and Conditions and these conditions alone constitute the terms of any contract between Drone 360 and our Clients.

By requesting photographic and (UAV) drone services and goods from Drone 360  you agree to our Terms and Conditions and are aware that you are entering a binding contract.

  1. General conditions of contract

    1. These Terms and Conditions cover all contracts entered into by you (Client) with the Drone 360 (Company) for services relating to design visual media, websites, brand identity, data, illustrations, photography and videography (Artwork)

    2. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notification by the Company.

    3. These Terms and Conditions apply to the Company and all of its contractors and subsidiaries

  2. Drone 360 Responsibilities

    1. Service: In performance of these services, Drone 360 will exercise the skill, care, safety and diligence normal to the practice of aerial photography, cinematography monitoring and mapping in similar circumstances.

    2. Variations to brief: Drone 360  shall not make any alteration to the approved brief without the Client’s consent, except in case of an emergency during work in which case Drone 360 will subsequently notify the Client.

    3. Variation to cost or time: Drone 360  will advise the Client if we believe the agreed budget or time program is likely to vary significantly in which Drone 360 will not proceed with any stage of work without the Client’s agreement to do so.

    4. Safety: Drone 360 will exercise normal FAA and Part 107 Air Guidelines and standards on site to and from locations.


Terms and Conditions Continued


    1. Insurance: Drone 360 will maintain a Public Liability Insurance Policy for a period of our engagement for a minimum of $1 million USD.

    2. Specialist consultants and suppliers: Drone 360 shall only be responsible for the coordination and integration of the services of secondary consultants. Drone 360 shall be entitled to engage sub-consultants/contractors and shall be responsible to the Client for their services.

  1. Client Responsibilities

    1. Client instruction: Drone 360 expects the client to give adequate instructions to define their requirements, including brief, program and budget.

    2. Submissions:  Drone 360 needs the Client to give due consideration to our submissions, give decisions and provide information within a reasonable time so as not to delay work.

    3. Client Representative: When requested by Drone 360, the Client will nominate, in writing, a single person with authority to represent them.

    4. Intellectual Property: During the course of work, all artwork is under the property of Drone 360 until payment is made partially or in full or alternatively agreed upon in scope of work. The Client and their employees then retain rights to utilize Artwork and all design elements for portfolio/self-promotion/ internal/ external use etc.

    5. Stock imagery: All work handed to the Client must not be used or distributed in full or partly sold to third-party stock imagery companies, websites or services unless advised prior in writing.

    6. Variations to brief: The Client shall not make any alteration to the approved signed-off brief without Drone 360 consent. Any additional variations outside of the approved brief will be charged at the ‘Variation hourly rate’ charge of $125 per hour.


Terms and Conditions Continued


    1. Variation to cost or time: The Client must advise Drone 360  if they believe the agreed budget or estimated job time is likely to vary. Any variation to cost or time will be re-negotiated by the Client and Drone 360 before re-commencement of work


  1. Payment

    1. Deposit: Drone 360 reserves the right to request a deposit from the Client prior to starting work. If a deposit is requested by Drone 360, an invoice will be generated and delivered to client via email and payment is expected prior to commencement.

    2. Deposit to commence work: A mobilization deposit of 50% is required prior to commencement of work.

    3. Terms of payment: Credit terms are 14 days from date of invoice. Credit may be stopped and supply of services and goods withheld if any account is overdue.

  1. Copyright

    1. Ownership: Title to all photographs, data or video content remains the property of Drone 360 . Drone 360 retains the right in all cases to use the photographs, data or video content in any manner at any time and in any part of the world for the purposes of advertising or otherwise promoting their work.

    2. The use of Artwork, Photographs, Data or Video content prior to payment is illegal.  Artwork, Photographs, Data, Video content designed will remain the property of Drone 360 until the amount is paid in full and artwork is handed over or if an agreement is made prior.

Terms and Conditions Continued

    1. Transfer of ownership: Upon payment of deposit artwork rights and ownership will be transferred to the Client from Drone 360.

    2. Copyright: Drone 360  is the sole author of the photographs or video content. 

    3. The imagery shall be the interpretation of Drone 360 , rather than a literal re-creation of any concepts or layouts provided by the client or the clients representative. Subject to the license, Drone 360  retains the entire copyright in the photographs or video content at all times throughout the world.


    1. Moral rights: Drone 360 must be suitably credited with the photography or video content in any instance where the media is used for P.R purposes in trade, social media or mainstream publications.


    1. License to use: The client has the right to use the delivered photographs, video content or data only in the media within the state and for the period set on the original estimate. Any extended usage or 3rd party usage must be with the written consent of Drone 360 and will be subject to a further fee. The licenses cannot be transferred without Drone 360 written consent.

Last update: 08.23.2020